The gift

© A. Tsingas Small life aids from Stefanos XenakisNew publication life guide by Stefanos Xenakis: Life is a gift – if only we open our eyes and our hearts to the little wonders of everyday life. This is exactly what the Greek bestselling author Stefanos Xenakis does, he writes about gratitude, compassion, connection and love.…… The gift weiterlesen

Tante Poldi und die Schwarze Madonna

Sie hat es endlich geschafft, war ihr eigentlicher Plan „Totsaufen mit Meerblick“, ist die bayerische Wuchtbrumme in Mario Giordanos 4. Roman, gelesen von Christian Baumann, in die allerheiligsten der Heiligen Hallen Italiens vorgedrungen – sie hat den Papst flach gelegt !! Wen auch sonst !? Aber von Anfang an : der Exorzismus einer jungen Frau,…… Tante Poldi und die Schwarze Madonna weiterlesen

Ode to the Olive

Sunday morning, half past nine in Germany, I have just done my civic duty and been to the polls, and now have leisure to take part in my monthly blogger challenge. The theme this time is: Summerfruits Sonntagsmorgens, halb zehn in Deutschland, ich habe gerade meine Bürgerpflicht erfüllt und war wählen, und habe nun Muße,…… Ode to the Olive weiterlesen

‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘ : Βερένα, είσαι μαζί μας !!

© Aaaaah, guess who has been selected for the next translation workshop and who may now even get the opportunity to work on the translation of a literary Greek work !!! I would have another publication and that even in my ‚professional field‘, literature. And that with my still rather limited knowledge of Greek. I…… ‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘ : Βερένα, είσαι μαζί μας !! weiterlesen

Wish me luck for ‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘

© The year before last I had already successfully applied for the first ViceVersa workshop in Thessaloniki and could have taken part in the second as a successor. Unfortunately, I only found out about this at short notice and since I could no longer take vacation, it had to take place without me. Now I…… Wish me luck for ‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘ weiterlesen