‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘ : Βερένα, είσαι μαζί μας !!

©Diablog.eu Aaaaah, guess who has been selected for the next translation workshop and who may now even get the opportunity to work on the translation of a literary Greek work !!! I would have another publication and that even in my ‚professional field‘, literature. And that with my still rather limited knowledge of Greek. I…… ‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘ : Βερένα, είσαι μαζί μας !! weiterlesen

Wish me luck for ‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘

©Diablog.eu The year before last I had already successfully applied for the first ViceVersa workshop in Thessaloniki and could have taken part in the second as a successor. Unfortunately, I only found out about this at short notice and since I could no longer take vacation, it had to take place without me. Now I…… Wish me luck for ‚META_GRAFES μέρος B‘ weiterlesen

Parachute silk/Μετάξι αλεξίπτωτων — diablog.eu

Deborah Jeromin brings together war history and textile handicraft in her bilingual book „Parachute silk/Μετάξι αλεξίπτωτων“. In 1934 silkworm breeding for the manufacture of parachutes was introduced in Germany. Jeromin’s research into Nazi silkworm breeding inevitably brought her to the airborne battle of Crete in 1941 and the local reuse of parachute silk. Her documentary…… Parachute silk/Μετάξι αλεξίπτωτων — diablog.eu weiterlesen

German Philhellenes in Athens – who is behind the street names? — diablog.eu

March 2021 will mark the 200th anniversary of the Greek uprising against Ottoman rule. Frauke Burian takes up street names in Athens in order to bring us closer to the lesser known Philhellenes who either prepared the path of the uprising or set the course for today’s Hellas. Street names are the memory of a…… German Philhellenes in Athens – who is behind the street names? — diablog.eu weiterlesen

Art against „indolence“ — diablog.eu

Exhibition in pandemic times: 25 contemporary artists from different backgrounds enter into a dialogue with each other on 2000 square meters in the Athens center and challenge the “indolence” of being. Sculptures, installations, wall paintings, performances and compositions create a special dynamic, an atmosphere in which art transforms a – previously – „sluggish“ building into…… Art against „indolence“ — diablog.eu weiterlesen