Working after Corona – Halftime flow

There is news ! I’ve been doing an internship for half a year now. As I have already told you, I was accepted without an interview. And now my boss has asked me if I want to continue working there after retraining, i.e. next year after my final exam. Until now, I hadn’t thought about…… Working after Corona – Halftime flow weiterlesen

Working after Corona – A little update

My practical training has now been going on for a little more than three months. I can’t exactly say it’s an exciting job. But doable. It is OK. I mainly archive and organize what others do in their company. Not very exciting. But who knows, maybe not everyone is allowed to have an exciting, fulfilling…… Working after Corona – A little update weiterlesen

Asparagus Pasta Dinner forever for one ?

I bought green asparagus today – for dinner. Actually everyone says that asparagus is the perfect food for dinner dates, but as so often I won’t have a dinner-or-anything-date and I ask myself again, as so often, what’s wrong with me. Why does nobody want me ? I always thought I knew what men want…… Asparagus Pasta Dinner forever for one ? weiterlesen